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>> Need simple and fast?

  • MadeUlook provides richly imaginative and effective art direction, text content, design and layout, as well as photography services.

  • Call and we'll get right to work building a dynamic array of digital, web and print collateral for your specific needs.

  • Along with printing and web hosting services, you'll receive exceptionally creative and crafted text and visual content to help you communicate your complex and unique messages clearly.

When you are ready to build your next brilliantly executed product — your next giant success, we'll help you to clearly communicate your competitive advantage?

Call 317.272.1407 and we'll share our complete plan for simple and effective print, digital, web site and direct mail programs.

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Thanks for a job well done... "I'm so glad you were able to do this work for us. We appreciate your expertise, your patience with us, your willingness to work under such pressure, and your gracious helpful spirit. Thanks for a job well done."

~ Donna


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>> Delicious Tips:

Know your artwork...

VECTOR art is best understood as lines or paths with filled or unfilled areas. Lines are joined by connecting points that can be easily manipulated with graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator. Because of it's virtually unlimited scalability, it is excellent for high-resolution and large format applications.

RASTER art is simply a series of dots or pixels of various colors that form an image. Adobe Photoshop is the graphic artist's application for editing or creating photo images or other art work. It is best for web sites, video, and other media which rely on video monitors or projectors. Be careful with resolution, raster art breaks down easily when prepared or applied incorrectly.

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